DB German Railways has rewarded Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik (VTLT) for its product quality and commercial performance. The rail operator has assessed VTLT’s services from the quotation for 130 locomotives type Gravita 10BB right through to the delivery of the first vehicles. With the top ranking ‘outstanding,’ the overall verdict is more than gratifying – not least because Voith is one of the first DB vehicle suppliers to receive this high commendation.

The order for 130 Gravita locomotives was already a milestone for Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik, which was founded in Kiel as recently as 2005. To be able to call itself an outstanding supplier of DB German Railways is another success in the short history of the company.

“This award is all the more gratifying, as we are a newcomer in the rail vehicle market. To be ranked as one of the best suppliers right from the start is a fantastic recognition of the work of VTLT and its employees,” says VTLT executive vice president Hinrich Krey.

In order to receive the top ranking ‘outstanding’ from DB German Railways, Voith had to convince the jury both with its product quality and also its commercial abilities. For the quality of vehicles already delivered, the quality of the cooperation and the effective quality management system, the locomotive manufacturer received the coveted ranking ‘Q1 supplier.’ The assessment of the procurement process from quotation to project handling – the so-called E-Evaluation, finished with the ranking ‘E0.’ These two top marks led to the outstanding overall result.

“Voith convinced on all assessment levels – from quotation, quality management and deadline compliance up to the actual quality of the delivered products. Receiving the ranking ‘outstanding’ is also a huge proof of confidence and an incentive to maintain our high quality,” says project manager Karsten Tödt.

The 80-ton 1,000kW (1360PS) locomotives will gradually replace the legendary ‘V 90’ vehicles and be used in heavy shunting and light mainline service. Voith delivered the first of the gravitas, which can reach speeds of up to 100km per hour, in December last year. It will be used Hamburg-Maschen and Halle / Saale. By the middle of 2011, both locations will receive 15 out of a total of 130 ordered gravitas. The shunting locomotive series 261 ‘Gravita’ is fitted with a special particle filter, which can retrieve up to 97% of the harmful soot particles in the exhaust gas flow. German Railways is thus setting a clear signal in terms of eco-protection. DB Schenker Rail is the first German company to use these locomotives as standard series.