Voith Turbo presents the second locomotive from the Gravita range with central driver’s cabin: the Gravita 15 BB. The locomotive is suitable for both shunting and mainline service.

The Gravita 15 BB can be universally used. It is suitable for both for light mainline and heavy shunting service. This is made possible by its engine output of 1,500kW (optionally 1,800kW), a tank volume of 5,000l and an unconstrained curve radius of 80m.

Optional country-specific equipment such as radio systems or train protection installations make the Gravita fit for international applications. The locomotive meets the current emission limits in terms (TSI Noise) and exhaust gases (Stage IIIA). An optional start-stop system reduces fuel consumption during idling phases. Additionally, two speed regulation systems assist the engine driver in always adopting the most economical driving style.

A 75% quota of identical parts within the locomotive family reduces training cost and complexity, as the work content for maintenance personnel is always the same and therefore known in advance. This also has a positive impact on spare parts inventory costs.

The Gravita 15 BB is the fourth locomotive from Voith Turbo after the Gravita 10 BB, the Maxima 40 CC and the Maxima 30 CC.