An operating speed of 380km/hr makes the ZEFIRO 380 the fastest commercially used train of the world. From 2012, the high-speed train will be in service on China’s rails. Voith is supplying couplers, final drives and complete front ends.

Some 6,000km of rail track are currently being developed for new high-speed routes in China. The ZEFIRO 380 is meant to play a central role in this expansion of the new high-speed network. Voith Turbo Scharfenberg is participating in the project with automatic Scharfenberg couplers and towing couplers, as well as 2,080 semi-permanent couplers to be used between carriages.

Voith Turbo Scharfenberg is also supplying automatic front ends for the new Chinese high-speed train. These front ends are characterised by their fibre compound components specifically designed for very high speeds, and by reliable front hatch kinematics. Voith is therefore a systems supplier for the entire front end energy absorption of the ZEFIRO.

The ZEFIRO will also be fitted with Voith final drives. They allow speeds of 380km/hr and more.