The new Train Line Modem (TLM) from Voith Turbo Scharfenberg controls the uninterfered transmission of high data volumes. It establishes an Ethernet connection between coupled rail vehicles and handles the entire internal and external data transfer. The transfer occurs via existing lines.

The TLM allows communication within a trainset via Ethernet. The train represents a closed network. In this network, the data of all connected appliances are managed – from the speaker system to video technology. Until recently, vehicles had to have extra lines for voice and PA systems. These lines are normally unsuitable for transmitting high data volumes or broadband applications. The new modem closes this technical gap.

As the TLM automatically searches and utilises the optimum frequency, ongoing data transmission is not interrupted, even if individual carriages are coupled together or the length of the train is significantly changed. This ‘dynamic line management’ is a special feature of the TLM. For undisturbed transmission between the train sections, just one TLM, connected by a common two-wire line, is needed per carriage. A fixed hierarchy of the transmitted data ensures that important control data are transferred even if the line quality is inferior.