Since March, Voith Turbo has been a recognised engine manufacturer approved by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). This status was preceded by nearly one and a half years of development work. In December last year, the first diesel engine for rail use jointly developed by Voith and MAN was certified. After trial runs and endurance tests, the series application of the new V8 diesel engine is planned for the middle of next year.

The first Voith diesel engine is based on a new engine series by MAN. The joint development activities of Voith Turbo and MAN focused particularly on railway suitability, reduced emissions, as well as reliability and economy. Voith Turbo adapted the construction, the thermodynamics and the combustion properties of the basic engine to the specific demands of rail traffic.

The new V8 diesel engine achieves an output of 500kW and a maximum torque of 2,750Nm. Two-stage turbo charging and cooled exhaust gas recirculation combined with a maintenance-free particle catalyser are already undercutting the emission values prescribed as of 2012 (Stage IIIB). The fact that this can be achieved without an additional fuel medium presents an important economical advantage for rail operators.

The new Voith engine is also suitable for repowering projects. Due to its dimensions and design it can be used as a Stage IIIB retrofit solution for rail vehicles that are already in service.

In the medium term, Voith Turbo intends to expand its engine portfolio both in the upper and lower performance classes.