HBM’s new MX440A universal amplifier complements the QuantumX amplifier system with a compact 4-channel amplifier.

Like the other models from the QuantumX series, the MX440A features outstanding flexibility. The four channels can all be individually configured and can be used for measuring a wide range of mechanical, thermal or electrical quantities such as force, displacement, torque, temperature, pressure, rotational speed, position, speed, acceleration, voltage or current.

The amplifier supports more than 15 different sensor and transducer types, for example, half and full bridge circuits (strain-gage and inductive transducers), resistors, piezo-resistive transducers, potentiometers, voltage, current, thermocouples, LVDT, pulse counters and rotary encoders.

The input channels are electrically isolated and provide one 24-bit analog-to-digital converter each. Ethernet TCP/IP and automatic configuration allow for easy and fast connection to the PC.

Because of the MX440A’s universality and using Advanced Plug & Measure (APM), your TEDS transducers and sensors automatically configure the channel. This means, minimal setup times in daily operation and thus efficiency and reliability.

This is also supported by the comprehensive software package ranging from the free QuantumX-assistant through to libraries for integration into LabView® or into programming environments such as Visual Studio .NET and the professional catman®AP software package.

The amplifier’s universal functionality enables users to find solutions to tasks in a wide range of different applications. Typical fields of application include, for example, automated testing of systems components, testing or long-term monitoring of tunnels.

For further information please visit the HBM website.