To provide collegues in the railway industry with more insights on the possibilities of booking engine and revenue management solutions, we invite them to drop in for a demo, discuss their needs or join us for a drink at our stand at INNOTRANS. We are in hall 5.2/244 until Friday 24 September.

Online revenue management software

Maximising your online effectiveness is all about revenue management / yield optimisation: selling the right product to the right target group, at the right price and at the right time.

With Sqills’ revenue management software you will have a tool to make well-balanced (automated) decisions to reduce costs, increase earnings and capture market opportunities, leading to maximisation of your revenues.

Sqills’ revenue management software is a stand-alone module, but can also be integrated into your existing booking / reservation tool. Its powerful functionalities include:

  • Automated management of demand and supply per product / market combination (e.g. over-bookings, profiles, tariffs, allotments, early-minute pricing mechanism, etc.)
  • Analysis of historical data, leading to automated forecasts and business rules settings
  • Scenario simulations to optimise system settings
  • Many ways to manage supply, demand, conditions, prices, etc.
  • Comprehensive dashboard and alert settings to maintain control over many optimised combinations

Customised online ticketing and revenue management software

Sqills often develops tailor-made online ticketing or revenue management software for our customers following the proof of concept development process. Based on available business requirements, Sqills presents the customer with a ‘proof of concept’ before implementing any potential ticketing or revenue management software.

Flexible billing structures

Sqills offers a range of billing structures to suit your needs. You can make a one-off payment for a software licence or pay per ticket. Alternatively, you can choose to enter into more far-reaching forms of cooperation, such as joint ventures or revenue sharing.