NextSense unveils its latest development, the wheel diameter module for the Calipri high-tech measuring device, for the first time at the Innotrans 2010 railroad technology trade show, which is taking place in Berlin in September 2010.

The wheel diameter is one of the critical parameters involved in evaluating the running performance and safety level of railroad vehicles. Until now, there has been no satisfactory solution for measuring these diameters. The available systems have either not been designed for mobile use or are too inaccurate. NextSense took up the challenge posed by these unsolved problems. After a two-year development phase, the solution is now available as a production-ready product for use in railroad workshops.

A gauge manufactured using CFRP lightweight technology is fitted onto the built-in wheel with a hand grip. The user conducting the operation brings the sensor of the measuring device close to the gauge. After just a few seconds, the result is indicated and enables further subsequent evaluations, such as the diameter difference on the wheel set or the overstepping of thresholds.

The new diameter-measuring device forms part of a family of measuring modules, which enable wheelsets to be measured while completely mobile. The new runout and wheel-defect modules, as well as various track-measuring modules, are presented to visitors at Innotrans. Visitors are also able to take a look at the wheel-profile, brake-disk, wheel clearance and tire-thickness modules, which have already been successfully implemented, as well as the diameter-measuring device.