SCADE 6.0 Unified Modelling Style combines arrayed data flow and state machine design capabilities in a single, fully integrated environment.

SCADE 6.0 provides the breakthrough capability of a unified modelling, verification and certified code generation capability, called the Unified Modelling Style, that enables embedded systems and software developers to freely combine and nest arrayed data-flow elements and state machines in a single, fully integrated environment.

Developers of demanding safety-critical mixed data-flow and state machine applications, such as rail interlocking and train control systems, automotive and aerospace engine controls and braking systems, cockpit display systems, sensor controls, and energy production system controls will benefit from the unprecedented modelling freedom enabled by SCADE 6.0 in terms of design and verification time decrease, enhanced generated code size and speed, as well as greater design flexibility and reusability.

Existing modelling solutions rely on the collaboration between two independent modelling editors; however, SCADE 6.0’s Unified Modelling Style simplifies the life of the safety-critical application developer, improving the modelling activity productivity while optimizing the certification and verification efforts.

SCADE 6.0 also expands the number of safety standards covered by SCADE’s unique KCG C Qualified Code Generator across several industries, targeting:

  • A certification according to the railway standard EN 50128 with no SIL limitation
  • A qualification as a development tool according to the aerospace standard RTCA DO-178B, up to level A
  • A certification according to the industrial IEC 61508 with no SIL limitation
  • Compliance with the nuclear software safety standard IEC 60880

SCADE 6.0’s Certified Software Factory enables a dramatic decrease in the requirements-to-code modification turnaround time with:

  • One single modeling environment that streamlines the design process
  • One single code optimized and certified code generator generating safe C code
  • Up to 50% time to certification savings due to the suppression of low-level source code verification activities
  • Full synchronization of requirements, models, test plans, project documentation and certification artifacts

Process-centric SCADE 6.0’s Certified Software Factory features eight fully-integrated modules that support the process of creating safety-critical application software, spanning:

  • The design of the software models within the Unified Modelling Style, their integration with configuration management tools and the automatic generation of documentation, with SCADE 6.0 Advanced Modeler
  • The traceability of the software models versus system requirements, with SCADE 6.0 Requirements Management Gateway (integrating TNI Software’s Reqtify™ technology)
  • The validation of the models through model test coverage (SCADE 6.0 Model Test Coverage) and formal verification of safety properties (SCADE 6.0 Design Verifier, powered by Prover Technologies A.B. Prover™ Plug-in for SCADE)
  • The automatic and certified code generation, with SCADE 6.0 KCG Qualified Code Generator, and its integration of the target platform
  • The verification of the correct compilation of the generated code and execution on the target platform with SCADE 6.0 Compiler Verification Kit

Several import/export capabilities are also enabled by SCADE 6.0, such as the import of system and software architecture with SCADE 6.0 SysML/UML Gateway for Rhapsody™ and the import of algorithm designs.

“The development of SCADE 6.0 has been a significant effort, combining state-of-the-art technology with over three years of R&D activities and close co-operation with many customers in several market segments. We are very proud to be the first company to offer to safety-critical embedded systems designers the unique combination of full modelling freedom with tremendous cost savings,” says Eric Bantégnie, CEO of Esterel Technologies.

SCADE 6.0 will be available for the general market in Q3, 2007.