The OVHWizard is a mobile, non-tactile contacts wire measuring system for determining the contact wire height and side position as well as an assessment of the tendency of the contact wire to wear. The system operates with ultrasound according to the principle of runtime measurement.

Its weight of only about 4 kg makes it easy to handle and it can be installed on any vehicle roof in just a few simple steps. A simple RS232 connection to the PC or Laptop enables communication with the measuring software.

Power is supplied to the OVHWizard by the integrated batteries so that no other power supply needs to be provided or wired for the measuring instrument on the vehicle roof.

A pulse transmitter consisting of a light barrier and a self-adhesive reflector for attaching to the wheel can be connected to the measuring system for determining the distance travelled. Pulse signals from a rotary encoder or similar on the vehicle can also be read in as a possible option.

The measured data are recorded by the enclosed software and displayed and saved graphically or in table form. The post processing enables an exact evaluation of the measuring runs on site or at the office.

The system is suitable for recurrent control of the contact wire for railways and trams as well as for documentation of maintenance work.

Since the beginning of 2010, the system is DB-certified for use on road railers.