Faiveley Transport, a company controlled by Faiveley and Sagard, has finalised its agreement with Carbone Lorraine and acquires its sintered brake material activity. The transaction is fully completed as from April the 1st, 2008.

The newly integrated company is known as Faiveley Transport Gennevilliers and is based in north-west Paris, France. It manufactures and designs sintered friction materials used in high energy braking systems, primarily for the railway industry.

The acquisition of this activity, employing 80 people with annual sales of €17million is one step forward in Faiveley Transport’s brakes’ systems strategy, in line with the recent acquisition of the sanding systems’ specialist, NOWE, completed on January the 2nd, 2008.

Besides focusing on the financial growth and technical development of Faiveley Transport, this acquisition will create added value and complete the brake system offering. The integration of this specific technical expertise will enable clients worldwide to take advantage of state-of-the-art braking processes, which optimise the management of energy, whilst benefiting from lower lifecycle costs.

Faiveley Transport Gennevilliers’s know-how will enrich the customer service and brake and couplers activities, enabling them to reach new markets for both new and repeat business.

The newly integrated activity will particularly benefit from Faiveley Transport’s global presence. The combination of these respective activities will allow Faiveley transport to propose innovative solutions and reinforce its position as a world leader.