Amaro, Udine (Italy) Eurotech will shortly be releasing a new, rugged, compact and low power system for video surveillance applications that further integrates the advanced functionalities of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that have the ability to acquire and store high resolution video streams onto an integrated data storage module, and will then allow the user to transmit the images trough long distance wireless connections (GPRS, UMTS, WiFi 802.11.X, Bluetooth). The system will dynamically use the available bandwidth continually ensuring that the maximum possible information can be sent with minimum data loss.

The Eurotech system by fully utilizing the advanced capabilities offered by the new JPEG2000 compression standard analyses the acquired images and then compresses them. The result of this compression is a file that can be sent in its totality or partially. In any case only a few kilobytes contain all the necessary information to rebuild the original images: the quality depends on how many bytes are sent. This quantity can be changed dynamically according to bandwidth availability or according to the required image quality.

In this way the use of the broadcast bandwidth will be both flexible and optimal according to the end-users requirements, minimizing the loss of information and image corruption.

However, the internal storage device in the system stores all the video streams made of high resolution frames and then analysis can be made later from a remote operating centre.

The Eurotech system is also provided with a new integrated intelligence called “Guardian” that allows the user to monitor the operating parameters (such as temperature and internal voltages) and to manage the command execution logic even if the system is in standby mode.

Thanks to their versatile architecture several Eurotech systems can be interconnected together (for example one for each carriage of a train or bus) to create a complete and advanced video surveillance network.

In this way several different public transportation vehicles can be equipped with Eurotech systems that can be accessed by a remote control centre in real time to improve coordination and planning of operations. This helps to guarantee passenger security and peace of mind at all times.