The Valhall complex consists of five separate steel bridge linked platforms for: quarters, drilling, wellheads, production and water injection respectively. In addition the field has two unmanned flank platforms, one in the south and one in the north, both around 6km from the field centre and the Hod Field production is also processed at the Valhall Complex.

The new production and hotel platform is planned to be installed during 2010 and has the following main features: design life 40 years, 180 bed accommodation capacity, oil production capacity 120mbopd, gas handling capacity 143mmscf/d, total liquid capacity 200mbpd (oil and water), design dry weight: topsides / process utility 13,000t, hotel module 3,400t, substructure-steel 7,500t. The Valhall redevelopment is a new combined living and process installation to replace the original installations on the field.

The whole field will be supplied with power from a 292km long power cable from Lista. The existing gas turbines will be decommissioned when the new installation starts operating in 2010. This will make Valhall one of the most environmental friendly fields offshore Norway and will result in a safer and more efficient source of power supply.