Let us help you to improve access for handicapped and disabled people boarding trains and trams. U-Lift has been developing and producing wheelchair lifts for more than 20 years, and are well known for their ability to find efficient solutions that meet the requirements of people using wheelchairs as well as train operators and train engineers.

U-Lift has developed a new lift range for rail vehicles, named TVA-300 and TVM-300, which will have its world premiere at the Nordic Rail exhibition 4-6 October 2005.

The new lift with its unique design provides all the features that the market requires:

  • Compact design with small assembly dimensions
  • Can be fitted in narrow door openings
  • Automatic operations available as option
  • Low kerb weight
  • Fixed to floor only

The standard TVA-300 is produced as a manually operated lift with automatic operation as an option.

The lift can be operated from driver’s position if supervised.

U-Lift AB has been delivering wheelchair lifts and ramps to the railway industry for more than 10 years. The most popular lift has been the INV-300 series, well known for its reliability and simple installation.

The INV-300 is available in four different lifting heights, from 450mm to 1,250mm. The level of automation can be specified by the customer.

A variety of manually operated wheelchair ramps and “bridging ramps” are available. The ramps are designed for retrofit or for installation in new wagons.

Of particular interest is a unique ramp which makes it possible to take on board a wheelchair from a platform level higher as well as lower than the wagon floor level.

U-Lift AB not only delivers lifts and ramps to the rail industry, but also to buses and minibus producers.

All lifts and ramps are developed and engineered by U-Lift AB. The products are often adapted to the specific situation in collaboration with the customer. We are very proud of the level of customer co-operation in the development of lifts and ramps.