New from Cambridge-based manufacturer Powertron is a 100W DC/DC converter that features a low profile of just 19mm and is ideal for use in applications requiring high resistance to shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Known as the ATC1, the unit provides three outputs of 4V/30A, 5V/2A and 12V/0.5A, with the 5V and 12V supplies decoupled from the main switching output for maximum stability. Nominal input can be specified anywhere between 24 and 110VDC, and input range is 60 to 140% of nominal.

The new DC/DC converter offers excellent transient load performance, with the main 4V output capable of being switched from 0-30A at frequencies up to 10kHz.

In addition, the ATC1 complies with the shock and vibration specifications of EN50155 and EN60068, while its EMC performance meets the requirements of an array of standards, including EN50155, EN50121, EN55011, EN55022 and IEC 60571.

Available either as an open-frame PCB measuring 290 x 150 x 19mm or as an enclosed unit, the ATC1 has a wide operating temperature range of –25 to +70 degC and a typical efficiency of 80%.