Interpipe NTRP mill (Dnepropetrovsk), which produces railway wheels and wheel treads under the KLW brand, has passed an audit for the certification of both equipment and employees working at the non-destructive examination line of railway wheels. These wheels are supplied for export in accordance with the demands of international Railway Group Standard GM/RT 2005.

During the certification audit, the company TUV Rheinland Ukraine looked at the documentation for the equipment of the non-destructive examination line, analyzed the methods of control, technological and work instructions and made a selective ultrasonic and magnito-powdered check of finished wheels products. Auditors also analyzed the curriculum for the training of personnel, examined the learning curve of employees and carried out an audit of the quality control system in accordance with the Railway Group Standard GM/RT 2005.

According to the results of the audit, the quality control system was recognized as corresponding to the standard mentioned. After formal registration of the audit’s results, Interpipe NTRP mill will receive certificates attesting to meeting the GM/RT 2005 standard for the equipment of non-destructive examination line, curriculum and employees that make control of railway wheels. Meeting the international Railway Group Standard GM/RT 2005 is a necessary condition for all qualified suppliers of railway wheels to the Bombardier company.