MULTIRAIL® the new weighing and monitoring system for rail vehicles.

Intelligent solutions pay off when it comes to high-precision weighing and monitoring of waggons. No longer the extensive passing of statical systems by individual waggons is required but quick and accurate weighing of goods including a safety check during passage.

On the transport logistic fair in Munich, Schenck Process introduced their new MULTIRAIL® system for weighing and checking of rail vehicles. This precise measuring technology enables, for instance, legal for trade weighing of coupled railway waggons with an accuracy of 0.5% during passage.

The rail weighbridge can also be used for statical weighing if required.

MULTIRAIL® features special diagnosis and safety functions in addition to user-friendly weighing.

Flat spots on damaged wheels are detected precisely and quickly while waggons pass over the rail weighbridge. The accurate position and data of faulty wheels can be reliably defined for the individual wheel or waggon. Thus, MULTIRAIL® provides the pre-requisite for more safety in railway transport and appropriate maintenance of the vehicles.

Checking of the wheel load is a further mode of application and enables accurate definition of the wheel and axle loads as well as the load distribution within the bogies of locomotives and waggons. This exact checking of the undercarriages permits the optimization of the performance and simultaneous quality assurance.

For the MULTIRAIL® a special concrete tie with integrated high-precision weighing bars was developed. All forces and moments are measured and transmitted here. The values and complementary data are processed through weighing electronics and customized PC systems.

The installation of the MULTIRAIL® can be concluded without gap and foundation within a few hours.