Railteco’s Phosphoric Acid Tank Wagon is specially designed and manufactured to transport phosphoric acid.

Loading hatches are covered with a manhole cover, unloading hatches are equipped with one 5in internal valve, T branch pipe and two ball vales. The tank and tank fittings adopt 316l stainless-steel. The wagon design meets the requirements of EN, UIC standard.

The wagon is loaded from the top after the cover is opened. Top cover is manually operated from wagon top platform. It is unloaded from the bottom hatches.

Internal valve and ball vale manually operated from both wagon sides, each ball vale separately. The goods are unloaded from two sides of wagon.

The tank and tank fittings adopt 316L stainless steel. The wagon design meets the requirements of EN and UIC standards.

Parameters include:

Tare weight ≤17.4t
Payload 43.6t
Capacity 27.5m³
Axle load (bogie) 18t
Track gauge As per client­
Maximum operating speed 80km/h
Length over coupler 10,530mm
R­min (single wagon) 70m
Brake type UIC
Coupler type Screw coupler
Bogie type Cast type
Hydro test pressure 0.459MPa
Safety valve working pressure 0.15MPa
Type of load Top
Type of unload Bottom (both sides)