Rail lubrication is virtually as old as the railways. It all started with simple mechanical wayside rail lubrication devices that had many drawbacks. For these reasons, they were gradually replaced with electrical track lubrication devices.

ELPA is re-introducing a mechanical friction management device. At its core is LIMbo, an advanced drive of the CL-E1 trackside device using only the kinetic energy of the wheels on the Vignole rail. This patented and technologically perfected solution offers most of the functions available with ELPA’s electrical trackside devices including:

  • Multi-point application of the composite material on the rail
  • Precise dosing of the composite friction managing material
  • Mixing of the composite material in the tank to maintain its consistency
  • Option of remote control offers oversight of vital functions such as the level of composite material in the tank, warning of unauthorised access, and operation mode

Typically, consumption of ELPA’s proprietary Composite Hardly-Fluid Compound (CHFC) is several times lower compared to a typical rail lubricant. Therefore, the device typically only needs to be approached two times per year for refilling and to perform preventive maintenance.

It is perfect for remote locations without electricity and where vandalism is a problem. The device has no ‘attractive’ parts like solar panels. When an underground reservoir is installed, it is also very hard to notice from a distance.

All these features combined, it is safe to say this is the greenest complete solution for trackside friction management ever to have been presented to the railway sector.