Pilz will showcase its range of solutions for train and railway line digitalisation at InnoTrans 2018 from 18-21 September.

Beyond control system solutions with the PSS 4000-R automation system, Pilz offers complete solutions up to and including completely pre-wired control cabinets. On 21 September, as part of the InnoTrans Convention, Pilz will present ideas in the ‘Innovative paths 4.0 – VDB future workshop’ on the topic of ‘Industrie 4.0 – Rail 4.0: Opportunities for mid-sized companies’.

Solutions by Pilz can be used in applications up to the highest safety integrity level, SIL 4, meet CENELEC’s normative requirements, and support the open RaSTA protocol.

To contribute to the modernisation and expansion of railway infrastructure, Pilz is investing in open, industry-proven automation technology. At InnoTrans, Pilz uses models to show how railway crossings or switch controllers can be automated with the PSS 4000-R automation system. The PSS 4000-R monitors areas on railways crossings such as barrier operation and end positions, the space between the barriers, switch end positions, connections and signals.

The system consists of universally applicable control systems that have already been tested in rail operations and are robust with regard to electromagnetic faults, extreme temperatures and mechanical stress.

Software tools also provide support for planning and operation. In Berlin, Pilz will present the PAS4000 software platform for creation, configuration and parametrisation and the web-based PASvisu visualisation solution for system operation, monitoring, analysis and maintenance at a glance, even remotely. This allows users to accelerate their projects, from engineering to runtime to maintenance. Advantages include fast detection and localisation of errors and faults.

As we approach Track 4.0, the issues of networking and security play an important role. At InnoTrans, Pilz will present a monitoring solution that consists of the PSS 4000-R automation system, the PASvisu visualisation software and the IIoT gateway Revolution Pi.

The IIoT gateway sends control data such as vibrations, temperatures, power consumption and times to the operator’s Cloud. This gives operators worldwide access, so that, based on this data, they can for instance determine when maintenance must next be carried out.

Pilz SecurityBridge offers the necessary protection from manipulation and unauthorised access to control systems. Unlike generic firewalls, SecurityBridge requires no complex configuration; it is easy to commission using the plug-and-play principle.

Securely regulated access to danger points and zones, as well as access protection, requires reliable sensors. Based on a safety gate model, Pilz will display various sensor technologies at InnoTrans. Among them are safety switches and entire safety gate systems for monitoring positions and guards.

Optical and tactile sensors such as light curtains, camera systems and dynamic pressure sensitive mats are suited to monitoring areas or spaces and thus offer multifaceted fields of use not only for workshops, but also on or near rail vehicles.

“Pilz is the right partner for standardised, safe industrial components and systems for railway technology. Modular hardware and very simple programming make our solutions highly flexible. That is why rail customers from all over the world are investing in our components and systems in a wide range of applications. In more than 50 countries, we offer customer-oriented solutions for the rail industry,” says Susanne Kunschert, managing partner at Pilz.

At InnoTrans 2018, you will be able to find Pilz in Hall 6.2 at Stand 214.

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