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Safe Automation Solutions for the Railway Industry

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Pilz GmbH & Co KG is a leading provider of safe automation technology for rolling stock and signalling systems.

The company provides digital automation solutions up to safe integrity level four (SIL4) for railway vehicles, management and control technology, infrastructure, as well as maintenance equipment.

The programme comprises secure controllers, diagnostic and visualisation solutions, in addition to software tools. Global application support extends from project assistance and consultation, as well as planning and programming of applications to the creation of tested sub-systems for system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Digitisation for manual or partly automated railway processes

Railway controllers from Pilz are based on proven industrial solutions used in large numbers, also known as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products.

Pilz provides safe automation technology such as controllers, diagnostic software and visualisation solutions for the railway industry.
Pilz has based its range of safe automation solutions on commercial off-the-shelf railway products.
Rolling stock and signalling products offered by Pilz are certified according to industry standards.

Pilz is one of the leaders in the industrial digitisation initiative Industrie 4.0 and incorporates this experience in its railway technology solutions in standard applications such as level crossings, a replacement for obsolete relay technology, as well as completely new systems.

An example of this can be found in new ‘digital’ freight trains, which have digitised manual or partly automated processes such as the brake check.

Multi-purpose automated controllers for railway applications

The PSS 4000-R safe automation system for railway technology stands out due to modular hardware and simple programming, which provide unsurpassed flexibility. Decentralised I/O modules allow for the ideal structuring and networking of systems over large physical areas.

The automation system can also be easily integrated into existing systems. This means that retrofit projects can be implemented cost-effectively using existing components.

Subsequent expansions to include additional input and output modules can be performed quickly and easily due to the modular design. With SafetyNET p, safe real-time Ethernet-based protocol data can also be transmitted without interference over long distances using fibre-optic cables.

PSS 4000-R is TÜV-certified for applications up to SIL4 in accordance with the CENELEC standards EN 50121, EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 50155 and EN 45545.

Rolling stock and signalling automation solutions

Along with a modular design, Pilz controllers have decentralised I/O modules, which reduce wiring work, as well as a broad programme of visualisation devices that provides fast and simple diagnostics.

Plug-in modules and an exchangeable SD card allow devices to be exchanged efficiently. It is easy to create variants of an application by using software blocks repeatedly. If required, these can be equipped with read and / or write protection.

Safe analogue modules make temperature, pressure and current measurement of the controllers possible, which can be used to determine maintenance required for the monitored components.

Remote diagnostics of the controller and connected components is possible using safe fibre-optic connections or through a Cloud connection. The required maintenance and repair for several systems, including the connected components, can be recorded centrally using a Cloud solution.

Industry-certified automation systems

The PSS 4000-R automation system was developed for the railway industry based on the proven PSS 4000 system. PSS 4000-R is certified in accordance with CENELEC and meets EN 45545 fire protection requirements. It stands out due to its particularly robust design, which allows it to meet the high requirements of the railway sector.

The system is intuitively programmed with safe Ethernet-based communication, as well as editors standardised according to EN / IEC 61131-3.

Safe and robust digital automation for railways

Pilz systems operate at an ambient temperature of -40°C to 70°C on Class TX rolling stock in accordance with EN 50155, and in signalling and Class T1 telecommunications apparatus and T2 in accordance with EN 50125-3.

They can withstand Category 1, Class A and B mechanical loads caused by vibrations and shocks on rolling stock in accordance with EN 61373, and in signalling and telecommunications apparatus, on a track area of 1m-3m in accordance with EN 50125-3.

Electromagnetic compatibility is available on rolling stock (EN 50121-3) and in signalling and telecommunication apparatus (EN 50121-4).

About Pilz

Pilz provides complete safety automation solutions for railway and manufacturing industries.

The company’s product range is being developed to include corresponding software tools, diagnostic and visualisation systems, as well as services. The merging of automation and safety functions provides complete system solutions. Pilz also provides products for mechanical and plant engineering sectors.

The independent family-owned company has 2,400 employees and generates turnover of approximately €330m. Profits are reinvested, guaranteeing further growth. Pilz is one of the most innovative companies in automation technology with a 20% investment quota in research and development.

Based in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, Germany, Pilz has 42 subsidiaries and branches located across the world.

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