Vecow has announced its partnership with leading artificial intelligence (AI) chipmaker Hailo, to launch their next-generation AI solution, Vecow’s ABP-3000 AI computing system.

Vecow’s ultra-slim AI solution features the compact Hailo-8™ AI accelerator module, enabling breakthrough performance and AI inference capabilities at the edge. The strategic collaboration enables not only a smart AI solution with best-in-class power productivity but ecosystem deployment at the edge.

Powered by the eighth-generation Intel® Core i7/i5/i3 processor, the Vecow ABP-3000 AI can integrate multiple advanced Hailo-8™ AI accelerators with best-in-class power efficiency for fanless industrial-grade AI edge devices. The combined solution delivers outstanding AI computing performance across multiple standard NN benchmarks, including over 3000 Frames Per Second (FPS) on Resnet-50, over 2500 FPS on Mobilenet-V1 SSD, over 450 FPS on Yolo-v5m, and up to 230 FPS on Yolo-v3 with typical power consumption of only 25W for the entire solution.

Hailo’s specialized Hailo-8™ AI acceleration module delivers unprecedented performance to edge devices. The module is built with an innovative architecture that enables edge devices to run sophisticated deep learning applications that could previously only run on the cloud. Its advanced structure translates into higher performance, lower power, and minimal latency, enabling enhanced privacy and better reliability for smart devices operating at the edge.

“It’s really a win-win solution for Vecow and our customers,” said Joseph Huang, global sales director at Vecow. “With the increasing growth of intelligent edge computing, customers are looking for an AI computing system that combines high-performance, power efficiency and low latency. We are working with Hailo not only on the ABP-3000 AI, but on more models, and are looking forward to engaging more advanced AI technologies like the Hailo-8 AI accelerator, leading to more benefits for our global partners and customers.”

“Enterprises across industries are looking for solutions that ensure their edge devices are more powerful, versatile, responsive and secure,” said Orr Danon, CEO and co-founder of Hailo. “Vecow’s vision aligned perfectly with ours, allowing us to develop a joint solution that provides unmatched AI processing, ideal for fields ranging from smart retail to smart cities to Industry 4.0 and beyond. We look forward to continuing working with Vecow to usher in a new wave of AI at the edge.”

The collaboration enables swifter processing of AI tasks for a broad range of applications in machine vision, in-vehicle computing, robotic control, public safety, or any edge AI applications.