As the national leader in track and overhead line installation, renewal, and maintenance equipment, the Geismar Group had to be present at the sixth Mecateameetings to be held from 20-22 September 2023 in Montceau-les-Mines, France.

The dynamism of Geismar’s design offices and production units will be clearly visible, as our teams will be presenting no fewer than seven new products, including five world premieres and four carbon-free machines.

The Mecateameetings will provide an overview of the diversity of equipment offered by the Geismar Group, from measuring instruments to road-rail vehicles, lifting solutions, grinding, rail striking, ballast shimming, and the complete range of Activion battery-powered electric machines.

Most of the products presented by Geismar at Mecateameetings 2023 are designed and manufactured in our French factories in Colmar, Lyon, and Marseille, making an active contribution to the vitality of France’s industrial fabric.

Finally, this edition of Mecateameetings is the setting chosen by two world leaders in their field, JCB and Geismar, to reveal the fruit of their association: the new GEISMAR x JCB YDRADIG rail-road excavator.

Activion, Geismar’s carbon-free range continues to expand

Launched in 2019, Geismar’s Activion range of battery-powered rail equipment continues to expand to meet the demands of rail operators, who are increasingly concerned about controlling their CO₂ emissions, reducing noise pollution, and ensuring the well-being of their employees.

Today, the Geismar Activion range already includes 11 different products: the SHARK rail saw, the MORAY portable ballast tamper, the MARLIN rail tensioner, the BARRACUDA grinder, the CRAB rail lifter, the HAMMERHEAD rail striker, the NARVAL rail drill, the AGX conversion kits, the NOCTURNA site floodlights, the MANTIS battery-operated impact wrench, and the NAUTILUS battery-operated hydraulic power pack.

The Mecateameetings will provide an opportunity to present a world preview of two completely new Activion machines: the CRAB mono battery-powered single-rail lifter and the HAMMERHEAD mono battery-powered single-rail rail striker.
Two other products will be shown for the first time in France: the CUBICUS and the TORTUGA.

World previews: Crab Mono and Hammerhead Mono

Always ready to listen to its customers and keen to provide practical solutions to the problems encountered by teams in the field, the Geismar Group is innovating and presenting two new Activion machines in an unprecedented format for the first time at Mecateameetings:

  • The CRAB mono battery-powered single-line rail lifter.
  • The HAMMERHEAD mono battery-powered single-line rail striker.

In addition to their quieter, zero-emission operation, these two completely new and patented machines offer a major logistical advantage: their lightness!

In fact, the CRAB mono and HAMMERHEAD mono are much lighter and more compact than their thermal or electric 2-rail counterparts. The CRAB mono weighs just 48kg while the HAMMERHEAD mono weighs 41kg (excluding the Activion battery, which can be carried separately and is compatible with both machines).

The compact size and low weight of these two machines also mean that they can be easily transported to job sites in the back of a small van, for example.

The lightweight, ergonomic design of the CRAB mono and the HAMMERHEAD mono means they can be put on (or off) track more quickly, without the need for lifting equipment. This simplifies transport and, more generally, the entire logistics chain, making it easier for teams to organise and work.

It is, of course, possible to combine one or other of these machines to work on two rails simultaneously, freeing up an entire track, with minimal noise pollution and no exhaust emissions.