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Machines and Equipment for Railway Track Laying, Track Renewal, and Maintenance

Geismar designs and produces safe solutions for the laying, maintenance, and monitoring of railway tracks and overhead lines.

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X-TRACK high output laying system featuring its beam, ready to operate in tight spaces.

Geismar specialises in machines and engineering solutions to lay, renew, and maintain railway tracks and overhead lines. The company also offers a wide range of equipment to measure, control, and perform localised operations such as ballast tamping and rail fastening. As railway specialists committed to building a cleaner and safer working environment, Geismar developed its range of 100% electric, battery-operated track maintenance equipment called Activation systems.

Geismar’s commercial operations are supported by its research and development team and by highly specialised factories located in France, the UK, Italy, Germany, Asia, and the US. Strong technical knowledge and an industrial base make it possible to meet partners’ specific requirements and to deliver on all kinds of railway projects.

Rail maintenance machinery and equipment

Renowned for manufacturing the first mechanical coachscrewing machine and setting a new standard for railway installation and maintenance, Geismar has one of the widest product ranges in the industry, allowing the company to support all railway operations. These products include hand tools, road-rail vehicles, electric coachscrewing machines, motorised track-laying gantries, and advanced hybrid track cars.

Solutions are available for all track and railway components including rails, fastenings, sleepers (railroad ties), ballasts, overhead lines (OHL), tracks, and turnouts. From the MTZ abrasive rail cutting saw to the PEM-LEM remote-controlled track and turnout laying system, Geismar’s expertise allows it to develop custom-made rolling stock for measurement, inspection, personnel and material transportation, and OHL operation.

Shark battery-powered abrasive rail saw in operation, with its guiding support for easy turnaround.
Catenary maintenance track motor car for New Jersey Transit.
Digital measuring and recording of track and switch geometry with a Diamond-S2 portable trolley.
ECTR multi-purpose caterpillar gantry equipped with a hydraulic beam which can lay 20 sleepers all at once and transport track panels.
Remote-controlled Hydro Wizard road rail jetting and vacuuming vehicle for cleaning the track and surroundings, featuring a rear rotation bogie system for fast and safe on- and-off tracking.
KGT road rail loader connected to an MB8 AC track and turnout tamping unit performing a ballast tamping.
Loco Dragon LV 355 electric road rail shunting vehicle during towing operations in the Montreal metro.
PEM-LEM modular track and turnout laying system performing a turnout laying operation.
Track and turnout panel laying method for tilting wagon PWP during a laying operation.
SRC high output catenary renewal train performing a pole changing operation.

Solutions to support urban railway expansion

The development of light rail within urban areas is necessary for city expansion and mobility. Geismar understands the challenges caused by these environments and provides equipment that is well-suited to urban constraints.

Whether clients are interested in building infrastructure, maintenance, and control, or launching service operations, Geismar equipment can meet these requirements. Made with a light alloy, the company’s hand-operated tools suit a wide range of applications. The company’s caterpillar gantries and road rail vehicles can provide optimal performance while being compliant with safety standards and railway regulations worldwide.

Components for high-speed railway lines

High-voltage catenary systems, rigorous track geometry standards, and unmatched precision are some of the most critical high-speed line requirements.

The versatility of the X-TRACK2 track switch laying system can match various track laying methods and the Flash Wizard track welding road rail solution is able to perform perfect in-track flash butt welding. The Optima 300 motorised catenary road rail elevator will also satisfy all catenary control and maintenance needs.

Streamlining conventional railway networks

As conventional train networks often feature unconventional constraints, Geismar focuses its experience on developing products that are designed for day-to-day operations.

The company has designed automated solutions to streamline maintenance operations and provide high output, such as self-propelled or towed track recording units and switch geometry measurements, or automated catenary unrolling and rolling system wagons.

Industry-oriented product lines

With heavier and/or longer trains and often limited human interactions, industrial companies can rely on Geismar tools and equipment for industrial-scale projects.

Geismar has a range of automated fixed installations and portable equipment for brushing, sawing, welding, bending, or grinding. The company’s engineers take pride in designing and manufacturing the most durable machines for clients.

Electric track equipment and retrofit solutions

Geismar anticipated environmental challenges by developing and offering a sustainable global approach with its Activion systems. A complete range of electric solutions, from rolling stock to battery-powered portable equipment, combines innovation, ergonomics, safety, and performance.

With the Shark battery-powered abrasive rail saw or the Air Wizard V2R-C bi-mode road rail vehicle for catenary maintenance, Activion helps to protect the environment and protect workers’ comfort. Geismar is engaged in extending the lifecycle of its products by proposing new retrofit options to convert old, petrol-powered equipment to electric, which is compatible with the high-performance Activion battery.

Lightweight equipment for track maintenance and measurement

The Hornet range of lightweight equipment is well suited for small track maintenance tasks. Existing both in thermal and electric engine versions and featuring a professional-grade thermal engine or an AGX electric motor, it is suitable for a wide range of operations.

The equipment can perform fast and accurate rail cutting and drilling, ballast tamping, or sleeper fastening.

Heavy equipment and rolling stock for track laying, handling, and renewal

The Dragon VMT and VMB track motorcars can cover processes, including OHL work, infrastructure inspections, track measurement and transportation, and tilting wagons. Electric drive technology allows the electric shunting Loco Dragon LV355 to deploy a traction force for more than 50km (31 miles). Featuring axle or high-speed bogie transmission, the rolling stock technology guarantees maximum efficiency and safety while offering perfect visibility for single-driver operations.

Road rail vehicles for catenary and track maintenance

Road rail loaders and excavators must be suitable for all types of work and extremely safe to operate. The versatility and adaptability of Geismar’s KGT road rail loader family meets demanding hydraulic power requirements.

Featuring automated tilting systems and hydrostatic transmissions, the KGTs guarantee quicker and easier access on all track types, compared to caterpillar fitted loaders.

Equipment maintence services and support

The Geismar Service Team is available 24/7 to ensure that all branded machines are consistently operational, either through training, support of maintenance, or the supply of spare parts.

The company offers ready-to-use spare part kits including Geismar’s Smart Packs and Life+ Packs to maintain and repair equipment.

About Geismar

Since its inception in 1924, Geismar has grown as a world-leading supplier of solutions for track laying and renewal, maintenance and control of railway components, and overhead lines. The company strives to nurture and develop its technological knowledge, providing safe solutions such as lightweight equipment for rolling stock, road rail vehicles, and fixed equipment for rail operations in workshops.

For more than 50 years, Geismar has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering track motorcars that comply with railway regulations around the world and urban-specific constraints. The company provides a holistic approach and expertise in dealing with any challenging situation, including small or large-scale projects, demanding regulatory constraints, limited staff, or unusual logistics.

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