The new Geismar CUBICUS completes the Activion range, expanding the range of electrical solutions available on a worksite.

Available in two versions, CUBICUSAC and CUBICUSDC, this yellow electronic box transforms the energy stored in the Activion batteries into a 220V/16A ‘domestic’ current (CUBICUSDC) or directly from a 400V three-phase industrial socket into a 48V direct current that can directly drive the Geismar machines in the Activion range (CUBICUSAC).

This makes it possible either to use machines operating at 220V from an Activion 1,400-watt battery for teams working on isolated sites not connected to the electricity network, for example, or to operate the machines in the Activion range by powering them directly from the 400V three-phase network usually available around urban roads.

By choosing CUBICUS, you secure the energy independence of your teams in the field, who can always find a power supply solution for their conventional electrical equipment or to power the machines in the Activion range directly.