At Mecateameetings 2023, the Geismar OPTIMA 300 offers the safest, most ergonomic and most efficient way of maintaining catenary. The advantages of this machine can be seen from on-tracking, thanks to its four-wheel drive chassis fitted with large low-pressure tyres that adapt to the shape of obstacles, pass easily over the rails, and do not damage the fixings. Once positioned in its working position, the OPTIMA 300 offers a range of solutions for working efficiently and safely.

Equipped with a telescopic lift and a double basket platform, the OPTIMA 300 meets 100% of catenary maintenance requirements, as this configuration allows work to be carried out simultaneously on the mast (telescopic platform) and on the carrying wire (lift platform).

For greater safety and ergonomics, teams and equipment can be loaded directly from the ground into the telescopic lift. OPTIMA 300 is also equipped with stabilisers for working off track, behind a catenary mast for example.

Lastly, the OPTIMA 300’s envelope when stowed means you can carry up to two units on one low-loader trailer, and comply with urban rail gauges (maximum width 2,400mm).

To facilitate access to this complete, safe, and versatile equipment, Geismar is now offering a rental service from €2,000/week (excluding transport, with a minimum of one week).

Where do the names of the Activion range come from?

As you may have noticed, all the products in the Activion range are named after marine animals.

The NAUTILUS hydraulic power unit takes its name from an ancient mollusc that floats between two waters, propelling its shell with a jet of pressurised water. The name also pays tribute to Captain Nemo’s famous submarine, whose engine room was powered by clean, inexhaustible electricity mysteriously extracted from the sea.

The MANTIS impact spanner is named after a fearsome little marine crustacean that neutralises its prey with fierce ‘punches’.

As for the name CUBICUS, it’s a nod to the Ostracion Cubicus trunkfish, whose yellow coat spotted with black recalls the livery of our Activion inverters/transformers.

Save the date, our teams are ready!

The Geismar teams will be delighted to welcome you on our stand in the Pavillon Gris or on the section of track opposite. Would you like to arrange a meeting with one of our specialists at the show? Don’t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment by following the links in our profile.