The transition to low-carbon rail systems requires a reorganisation of energy logistics. Where liquid fuel was previously transported and stored, batteries must now be stored, charged, and transported.

To simplify site logistics for its Activion battery-powered machines, Geismar is offering a new modular piece of equipment: the TORTUGA.

Depending on the configuration, it can store and transport up to eight Activion batteries of 1.4kW each. Users no longer need to worry about where the batteries are, or how to transport or store them on site.

Three versions of the TORTUGA will be available:

  • A versatile version that integrates either a CubicusAC inverter or a CubicusDC transformer and can carry four Activion batteries and their four chargers.
  • A version focused on logistics, equipped with four chargers for transporting and recharging up to seven batteries.
  • A configuration that strictly favours the transport of batteries and can accommodate up to eight Activion batteries (without charger).

Equipped with the CubicusAC , the most versatile version of the TORTUGA enables operators working on isolated sites to use a wider range of low-carbon tools (and even plug in a coffee machine!) even if the conventional electricity grid is not accessible.

The new TORTUGA also makes life easier in the workshop (storing, recharging) and it enables rail maintenance teams to plan their logistics more effectively. Each batch of batteries assigned to a TOTUGA is easier to track and trace while chargers and batteries are better stored and protected.