First unveiled to the public in the UK at the end of June, the MANTIS battery-powered impact wrench and the NAUTILUS battery-powered hydraulic power pack are taking advantage of the Mecateameetings 2023 to meet customers in France.

Weighing less than 20kg, the MANTIS is quite simply the most powerful battery-operated impact wrench on the market (up to 4,000Nm when loosening). Its ergonomic chassis enables it to work both horizontally and vertically and is mounted on shock absorbers to absorb most of the vibrations, enabling operators to use it all day long (vibration level below 4.2 m/s²).

The NAUTILUS hydraulic power pack, powered by a 1,400-watt Activion battery, can drive Geismar tensioners from the TH range or shearing machines from the ESN range. Equipped with two outputs, several configurations are possible for connecting either two tensioners or one tensioner and one shearing machine. Thanks to its brushless electric motor technology, the NAUTILUS is more powerful, quieter, more efficient, and more reliable than other conventional electric generators.

Today, all the equipment in the Activion range can be used to carry out all the operations involved in long welded rails destressing, without emitting CO₂. This is a particularly valuable advantage on confined sites (tunnels), but also in urban areas, where noise pollution is significantly reduced.

AGX conversion kits: retrofitting to make electric vehicles accessible to all!

To optimise our customers’ return on investment, the Geismar Group also offers a simple, original, and effective electrical retrofit solution: AGX kits (Activion Gear Xchange).

Initially offered for TC pullers and MP12 grinders, AGX kits can now be used to convert nine different machines in the Geismar range. As a result, railway companies can make a rapid transition to electric power while retaining perfectly functional equipment in their fleets that would have made no economic or ecological sense to replace outright.

An AGX conversion kit will be on display at the Mecateameetings so that potentially interested customers can see for themselves how robust, efficient, and simple this conversion is.

Geismar machines for which ‘ready-to-use’ AGX Kits are available for include:


  • Bolt Hornet TC – Bolt Hornet TPAS – Bolt Hornet TPH 155 – Bolt Hornet TS2
  • Bolt Hornet TB2

Rail grinders:

  • Metal Hornet MP12
  • Metal Hornet MOD12

Knock Hornet:

  • Knock Hornet MR 512

Rail lifter trolley:

  • L2R 522