The FLEXIO product is a powerful FPGA module, enabling an easy and flexible integration of peripherals. The aim of the FLEXIO module is to connect simple interfaces, such as analogue/digital IO, PWM, SPI, I2C, without any special speed requirements.

Up to four front-end modules can be connected to the FLEXIO I/O-controller. The front-end modules enable the installation of specific connectors in the front of the device and the fulfilment of ESD/EMC device requirements. The connection between the FLEXIO and the frontend modules will take place via a standardised, identical interface.

FPGA based I/O-controller

  • Full PCIe mini card formfactor
  • Lockable headers
  • Standardised pin assignment
  • Serves up to four front-end modules
  • Automatic front-end module detection
  • Content can be updated in the field

Front-end Module


  • Eight digital I/Os
  • Adjustable threshold level
  • Galvanic isolated
  • Up to 36V

Front-end Module


  • Eight Relays Outputs
  • Galvanic isolated
  • One FlexIO port required

Front-end Module

ISIO-Avionics 16DB25

  • 16 I/O channels
  • 28V input/output voltage
  • Output protection (temperature, over-current)
  • Adjustable input thresholds
  • Opto – isolated Front-end Module


  • Same functionality as 2x ISIO8DB9
  • Two FLEXIO ports required
  • MIL17-35 connector
  • Galvanic isolation

Front-end Module

Custom Front-ends

  • Encoder implementation in hardware
  • FPGA encoder drives DAC on front-end
  • Encoder generates coded AM sine wave
  • Software supplies modulation data to the encoder