The compact silent PANEL18 computer has been created to deliver a high-quality reliable front-end interface for extreme and secure railway environments.

The PANEL18 combines an 18.5in rugged display with excellent optical specifications, an optional touchscreen, and a complete range of low power CPU based SBCs, from Single-Core Atom up to i7 Quad-Core.

The product is designed and built for non-standard environments found in railway, maritime, or oil industries. The 18.5in LCD with LED backlight comes with 400 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 1500:1, and an operating temperature of -20°C up to 70°C.

The resolution is 1920px1080p with an angle of view in all four directions of 85°. Optionally, the display can be equipped with capacitive touch technology.

The utilised embedded board computers come from the CEC or PIP Family and are 100% designed and produced by MPL AG in Switzerland. It can be chosen from various low power Intel CPUs, from Atom single-core, or up to i7 quad-core.

The CEC and PIP boards used, are equipped with embedded longterm available Intel CPUs and include features such as up to five GbE ports, up to seven USB (3.0 and 2.0), up to four serial ports (RS232/485).

The ‘all-in-one’ panel PCs can be expanded over the internal mPCIe slot with WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE, or any Fieldbus. The front of the PANEL18 is an IP65 protected, powder coated aluminum frame. On the back are standard interfaces available, which can be customised.

The solution can be equipped with M12 to be used in railways or maritime application, other connectors are available on request. The standard supply power is 12VDC or optionally with 9-36VDC / 48VDC or 110VDC.

Like all other MPL products, the PANEL18 does not require a fan, is very flexible, and can be adjusted to the customer needs and requirements. The robust and front IP65 protected PANEL18 is the perfect solution as man-machine / front-end interface for harsh applications in transportation, railway, maritime applications or for any other tough industrial use.

As well as being space saving, fanless and noiseless system, the PANEL18 is the ideal solution for cabinet applications in telecommunication, kiosk information systems and internet access points. It can be used standalone or in a ThinClient configuration in combination with a server.

The PANEL18 has been designed and developed by MPL AG, based on more than 32 years of company tradition and know-how in lowest power consumption and extended temperature operation.

According to the company logo ‘MPL High-Tech • Made in Switzerland’ all products are 100% manufactured and assembled by MPL AG in Switzerland.

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