The Warszawa Główna Osobowa station received the real-time Passenger Information System from Dysten. 76 devices that meet all the technical and functional specifications of the executive elements of the Central PIDS of National Railway (PKP PLK SA) serve passengers. It is necessary to have complete and current train schedule information at passenger stations. The routes, directions, and departure times of the closest trains are thus displayed on the passenger information screens in line with modifications continuously corrected by the Central Application of the Dynamic Passenger Information System or the dispatcher.

From exiting the footbridge to boarding the train, the Warszawa Główna Osobowa station’s Customer Information System is kept in constant connection with passengers. Passengers can plan or confirm their route using the information screens and info kiosks situated in front of the pedestrian footbridge. In the covered portion of the footbridge, platform entrance displays alert users to the upcoming departure of the nearest train on a certain track. Platform displays that are situated at the track’s edges help passengers to find the right train.

The company also provided the station clocks, Passenger Information Display System controller, train entry sensors, and operator’s station, in addition to the passenger information displays.

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