This year, MEX is celebrating 25 years within the maintenance management industry.

Since its establishment in 1993 by founder / MD, Stephen Ninnes, MEX has grown to become Australia’s #1 Computerised Maintenance Management System and a leading maintenance software vendor in the region.

Over the years, MEX company has grown from strength to strength, where the original team of two has expanded to include 25 full-time staff. A proudly Australian owned, operated and maintained software, we have gone from a system initially written in Magic, then onto Microsoft Access, SQL and .Net to the HTML 5 and JavaScript-based system that is now accessible on more devices than ever before.

We have accomplished a lot during our first 25 years and have created a very powerful software package, which has helped an immense number of customers over the years. With over 25 years of experience, MEX now caters for more than 12,000 users worldwide with the system being used in almost half the countries in the world. With a range of CMMS options and add-ons from the MEX Maintenance Software, FleetMEX Fleet Management, MEX Ops maintenance request tool, Dashboard KPIs and the MEX iOS App.

To celebrate this important milestone, the MEX team had a 25th anniversary party at the Jack Rabbits Whisky Bar last month. The 25-year festivity not only celebrated the special occasion but was a pat on the back to the MEX staff for their continual dedication and commitment to the company.

Moving forward, our focus will remain on offering a system that is affordable, user-friendly and will continue to provide a full and eff­ective customer support service to back it up. The MEX Team are very excited to see what the future has in store and look forward to the decades to come.

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