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MEX Maintenance Experts (MEX) specialises in maintenance software and innovation with more than 10,000 users worldwide. The company offers a versatile maintenance management software package for numerous industries such as rail, hospitality, mine sites, processing plants, wineries and logistics.

MEX provides solutions for comprehensive asset and daily maintenance management, as well as automatic stores ordering and statutory reports. The company caters to the asset, part, labour and workload management needs of its clients.

Inventory and maintenance software for the railway industry

MEX’s maintenance software is easily deployed in any workplace and delivers simplicity and functionality to ensure all maintenance and inventory needs are met.

With a one-click installation process and seamless periodic updates, users will spend less time worrying about the implementation and can concentrate on their assets.

MEX transforms a computer into a maintenance control centre for clients. It enables clients to organise a company’s assets and monitor related pending and completed tasks.
MEX Dashboard is a web-based reporting tool that can be used to display all KPI information. It comes with 98 pre-loaded KPI options and users can add even more if required.
FleetMEX enables users to gain control of their vehicles and mobile equipment. It combines comprehensive fleet maintenance and management, allowing clients to monitor asset details and attach related documents.
MEX Ops is used in conjunction with MEX. This extension allows users to enter maintenance requests and supply requisitions. Information is then relayed back to the main MEX system.
MEX iOS application offers the majority of MEX’s day-to-day functions, including the asset register, requests, reports, stores, work orders and readings.

MEX has found that the key reasons for clients changing maintenance management system include:

  • Plant failure
  • Reactive maintenance
  • Statutory reporting
  • Outgrown their previous system
  • Limited access from the field
  • Not user-friendly
  • Need for a flexible asset register
  • Deployment issues
  • Lack of customisation

MEX’s software is easy-to-use and customisable, has cost-effective asset register and statutory reporting features, as well as an iOS app that allows both contractors and field-based employees to access the system.

Customisable maintenance management software modules

A number of modules supplied by MEX include:

  • Asset register
  • Requests
  • Work order
  • Preventative maintenance (PM)
  • Inspections and history
  • Statutory reporting
  • Readings
  • Invoices
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Security

MEX’s software is also available as an iOS supported mobile platform.

The asset register is where assets and their performance are recorded and measured, and maintenance reminders are scheduled.

The PM module allows clients to keep track of any repetitive maintenance tasks that need to be completed to ensure equipment is running optimally at all times. Frequencies can be set using either a time or usage method, depending on the asset you are tracking.

Once this has been set up, the PM module will automatically create a work order for assets from predefined schedules when it is due to be completed.

The security module allows administrators to customise the MEX system according to the requirements of their clients.

The readings module monitors all readings. Clients can even link it to SCDADA or most other recording systems.

All modules in MEX can be customised to include extra fields, listings and more. Users can go as far as creating a whole new module to suit their maintenance needs. This exemplifies the flexibility of the MEX Maintenance System and allows users to capture as much maintenance information as they can.

Railway systems training courses

MEX offers a range of purchasable, post-installation training options, which vary on how often the clients will use the system.

The company has a two-day basic introduction course that covers the whole system, in addition to specific one-day courses such as report writing, advanced and stores module training.

The introduction course is not a pre-requisite for the shorter courses, so clients can choose what course is most suitable to their needs.

MEX also offers private training and onsite consulting for up to ten people.

Data hosting services

MEX offers clients a data hosting service, meaning the company would host a database and send users a link to access it.

The benefits of having data hosted by MEX include guaranteed reliability with uptime of more than 99%, reduced operational costs, daily backups and data accessibility anywhere and at any time.

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Maintenance Experts are located in Annerley, Queensland.

Clients can either drop by the office between 7.30am and 5pm AEST, give MEX a call on +61 7 3392 4777 or email

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