WEYTEC has announced a strategic partnership with AB-MICRO, a technology leader in Poland, specialising in the provision of cutting-edge industrial automation solutions. With this important step, WEYTEC will provide clients with best-in-class keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) products and solutions for advanced command and control room implementations in Poland.

WEYTEC Chairman of the Board Armin Klingler said: “The partnership with AB-MICRO is a plus in many respects and our clients will clearly benefit from enhanced services, quality, efficiency and technology advancements, particularly in the context of integrating large video wall systems and operator process workflows.”

WEYTEC is very excited about the new opportunities brought about by this partnership and is looking forward to collaborating with AB-MICRO to expand WEYTEC’s global footprint in Poland.

AB-MICRO has a long-term commitment to serving the control room market in Poland with a focus on large-scale visualisation systems, including those in the broadcasting environment and public security segment. WEYTEC KVM products and solutions can be experienced live in the AB-MICRO showroom in their new offices in Warsaw.