WEY Technology (WEYTEC) provides advanced keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) products for the transmission, control, distribution, and display of real-time data in command and control centres across transportation hubs worldwide.

Designed for 24/7 operations in areas such as railways, shipping ports and traffic control, WEYTEC offers planning and consultation, project management, product development, production, installation, and customer support alongside its product range.

WEYTEC’s technology ensures real-time monitoring with high-quality visualisations and complete integration of emergency and signalling systems while improving team collaboration, decision-making and secure, efficient workflows.

KVM solutions for railway control rooms

The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP) is a keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) solution that provides flexible access to computers and information sources, even across multiple sites.

Ergonomic and efficient workplaces for railway control rooms.
Control all sources and screens with a smartTOUCH keyboard.
WEYTEC provides complex multi-screen workplaces.
Productive work environments without any desktop PCs.
High-performance, low-power mini PCs for limited space.
Video wall solutions can be customised with multiple sources.
Collaborative teamwork and free seating solutions.
Integrated audio and visual alarming.
Workplace recording for regulatory compliance.

WDP integrates analogue, digital, legacy and third-party systems, in addition to cameras and video walls, within a single, independent internet protocol (IP) network without additional software or driver installations.

The unique smartTOUCH keyboard allows users to focus on their tasks and customise the view, control and interaction with sources.

Video walls with KVM functionality

The WEYTEC visualizationPLATFORM (WVP) is a hardware-based IP solution that creates a large personal visual workplace across an entire display environment, displaying PCs and video sources in freely scalable windows on monitors and video walls.

WVP integrates separate displays into a continuous visualisation surface, which allows operators to react and interact more efficiently.

Multiple sources can be freely and individually placed, scaled and moved, even on a single monitor, for simultaneous display. Modular architecture ensures that the solution can be extended to an almost unlimited number of sources and screens.

KVM with real-time switching functionality

The WEYTEC switchingPLATFORM (WSP) provides real-time access to computers and information sources, integrating analogue, digital, legacy and third-party systems, cameras and video walls within a single, independent IP network.

There is no requirement for software or driver installations. Users interact with all sources using the EK Light keyboard.

KVM platforms for point-to-point connectivity

The WEYTEC point2POINT solution transmits KVM and audio signals on a point-to-point basis using IP-based KVM extenders.

PCs and other information sources are removed from the desk and housed in centralised systems rooms that secure, maintain with simple and efficient workflows and cool equipment cost-effectively.

Up to 16 PCs can be controlled with a single standard keyboard and mouse using additional USB desk-switches.

Advanced KVM solutions for enhanced railway network operations

WEYTEC’s solutions are designed to operate with improved efficiency and security for public transport networks with flexible integration of diverse systems. Products can be seamlessly integrated with individual scalability according to customer requirement.

Our technology provides reliable switching between primary and back-up control rooms and locations , with user interfaces that are reduced to a single multi-functional keyboard for optimal concentration and productivity.

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