With pride and satisfaction, in 2021 we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of Fabryka Obrabiarek RAFAMET S.A. in Kuźnia Raciborska.

On 1 June 1946, the founding act of a heavy machine tool factory for the railway industry was signed. Since then, we have managed to gain and maintain the position of one of the market leaders in machine tool manufacturing. So far, the company has manufactured and sold 5,476 machine tools for the railway industry and 727 other large-size special machine tools for recipients from 81 countries around the world.

Our machines work for customers in the rail transport industry, as well as in the machinery, energy, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aviation and defence industries. RAFAMET is therefore a recognized brand that ranks high among global suppliers of innovative industrial goods, and at the same time an employer, thanks to which Kuźnia Raciborska – a small town on the map of the Silesian Voivodeship – has been constantly developing for years.

Since 1992, when the state-owned company RAFAMET was transformed into a joint-stock company, and then from 2007, which was the year of the company’s debut on the Stock Exchange, the company’s shareholders perform an extremely important role in building the company’s position as an entity with a stable market value that enjoys trust on the public market. Their long-term support for the projects implemented by the company significantly contributes to the development of RAFAMET S.A.

However, RAFAMET would not exist without its customers, for whom we still want to improve our competencies and modernize the range; and without its trusted suppliers, thanks to whom our products maintain high quality. Our continuous development and business success are the fruit of cooperation and good relations established with you over the years.

Even more so, we want to remember that the basic pillar of the company is its employees – often associated with its history for generations, excellent professionals, dedicated to their work and, above all, perfectly familiar with the specificity of the plant and industry.

The 75th anniversary is an extraordinary celebration and an important event for our company. It is not only an opportunity to evaluate the achievements so far but also an impulse to undertake new challenges, make bold decisions and achieve ambitious goals. We hope that it will be possible together with you.

Today we would like to thank our shareholders, business partners and employees for creating RAFAMET together with us.