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Wheel Lathes and Wheelset Measurement

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Over the years, RAFAMET has developed a broad range of machine tools, including special-purpose wheel lathes for railways, metros, trams, and other light-rail transit systems, heavy-duty single and double-column vertical turning lathes, horizontal axle lathes, large gantry milling machines and wheelset measurement systems.

RAFAMET machine tools for railway wheels and wheelsets incorporate design features based upon the most recent achievements in machine tool design and economical wheelset machining techniques.

CNC surface wheel lathes for above floor wheelset machining

RAFAMET surface wheel lathes are able to execute operations, including turning wheel profiles according to a technological program, facing of brake-disc friction surfaces and turning of wheel centres.

The UBF 112 N, above floor lathe intended for machining wheelsets of tread diameters up to 1,250mm, is provided with a main drive consisting of two 28kW AC motors of continuously variable rotations, operating in a master-slave system.

The UGE 300 N underfloor wheel lathe for vehicles with an axle load up to 30t.
The UFD 140 N portal wheel lathe with friction roller drive.
The UFB 125 N surface wheel lathe with friction drive.
The UDA 125 N portal wheel lathe with a radial / axial wheelset clamping system.
The UBF 112 N surface wheel lathe.
The GMC 400 CNC milling machine for bogie frames.

The UFB 125 N is a surface wheel lathe with friction roller drive. The machined wheelset is driven in a double system of three rollers attached to wheel treads up to 1,250mm in diameter.

CNC portal wheel lathes operating in roll-through system

The RAFAMET portal wheel lathes are built on the base of extremely rigid, single-piece, heavily-ribbed, high-grade grey iron casting of the main structure in the form of a portal allowing operation in roll-through systems and providing efficient chip disposal.

The UFD 140 N equipped with a friction roller main drive is intended for heavy cutting of wheelset wheels with tread diameters ranging from 540mm to 1,400mm. The wheelset is driven by wheel flanges.

The UDA 125 N with chuck-type radial or axial wheelset clamping system is designed to machine the wheelset wheels used in rail vehicles. Maximum wheelset tread diameter is 1,250mm.

CNC underfloor wheel lathes for reprofiling without dismantling of wheelset

Available in both single and tandem versions, the machines are designed for turning wheel profiles and facing brake discs of one or two wheelsets at the same time.

The machines are set below the rails. Permanent and retractable rails connecting with the floor rails to form a track allow the vehicle to travel over the machines. Their basic body element is extremely rigid, single-piece, heavily ribbed, high-grade grey iron casting, which provides perfect vibration dumping for improved machining accuracies and productivity rates.

The machines can be provided with many optional elements and devices, including vehicle shunting arrangements, as well as dust extraction and swarf evacuation systems.

The single UGE 180 N and tandem 2 UGE 180 N are designed for machining the wheelsets of subway and light railway vehicles and wagons of axle loads up to 18t.

The single UGE 300 N and tandem 2 UGE 300 N are designed to machine the profiles of the wheelset wheels of heavy rail vehicles of axle loads up to 30t. The machines can be operated for up to 40t applications.

Railway shunting vehicle operating on rail tracks and roads

The Rafamet 3RS rail-road shunter is designed to shunt the rolling stock and other vehicles with a maximum total mass up to 350t.

It can operate on rail tracks, as well as roads and other flat surfaces in production floors, manoeuvring areas and loading platforms within the enclosed industrial premises, including railway, metro, tram depots and ports. The shunter can be used as auxiliary equipment of the underfloor wheel lathes.

CNC wheel boring machine

The KCM 150 N wheel boring machine is designed to execute operations such as rough and finish turning, and boring of holes, on both solid railway wheels and tyres, according to a technological program.

This vertical turning lathe is equipped with a turning railhead travelling horizontally along the cross rail, allowing users to avoid the time-consuming exchange of toolbars for different hub bore sizes. The railhead cooperates directly with the automatic tool magazine.

The KCM 150 N is equipped with a wheel measuring probe, and an oil injection hole drilling attachment can be also supplied.

CNC axle lathe

The TOK 80 N is a slant-bed horizontal lathe for rough and finish turning of new and worn railway axles. The machine tool can also perform burnishing operations for improved surface hardness and quality.

Gantry milling centre

The GMC 320 CNC is a gantry milling centre for machining railway bogie frames, diesel engine blocks and rails. GMC series machines are capable of 3D milling, drilling, reaming, boring, threading or envelope threading in all machining planes.

 CNC wheelset measurement system

The SP 125 N is a CNC special-purpose measuring machine designed for precise wheelset wear measurements, taken before and after machining. Automatic system inspects the conditions of wheel tread surface, brake discs and axles to determine whether the wheelset needs to be reconditioned.

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