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Highly Innovative Passenger Management Software for Rail

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Sqills’ S3 Passenger is the leading ‘commercial off-the-shelf’ (COTS) rail and bus inventory, reservation, and ticketing system, already in use at/by industry leading operators. S3P is a fully scalable, modular web-based platform that handles millions of journey searches per day.

Sqills has been active in the railway software business since 2002. Our extensive experience on fare, booking and revenue management engines forms the foundation of S3 Passenger.

No more bespoke inventory, reservation, and ticketing systems

The days of bespoke software solutions as a competitive differentiator in the transport sector are over. Operators’ needs across the world are quite similar, which means that using a commercial off the shelf system offers huge functional and cost benefits.

A poll conducted during the World Rail Festival November 2018 in Amsterdam revealed that no operator believes in developing their own in-house system anymore!

Context of the S3 Passenger suite.
OUIBUS Booking screen.
IZY Booking screen.
Sqills is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.
Sqills is ISO 27001: 2013 certified.

The fast-growing community of S3 Passenger users have selected S3 Passenger for its powerful out-of-the-box functionalities, Agile development approach and time-to-market.

A complete real-time passenger bookings system

S3 Passenger replaces dated legacy components by offering a single, real-time system with three focus areas:

  • To provide end users with easy and efficient self-service capabilities to make and change bookings
  • To provide operators powerful, flexible and cutting-edge technology to replace their outdated reservation systems and battle for market share and customer preference
  • User Story Marketplace, to leverage operator experience and industry input in the S3 Passenger innovation roadmap, maintaining the best in class product suite status with thousands out-of-the-box features and new releases each quarter.

Gerry Culligan, Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail commercial director, said: “Our existing ticketing systems had several dated legacy components which affect the customer experience. We were determined to bring these aspects of the business, such as ticketing and CRM tools, up to modern standards and look forward to working with Sqills and their partners to achieve that.”

Eurostar CIO Laurent Bellan said: “As Eurostar grows beyond ten million transported passengers per year and we expand our reach further into Europe, having a flexible reservation system is critical. With its combination of agility, stability and responsiveness as well its willingness to work closely with our in-house development team, Sqills has proved to be the perfect partner.”

Adaptable passenger management software with ready-to-go features

Putting the customer at the heart of your business is the key to success, and S3 Passenger offers operators a platform to drive customer centricity. The software is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of your customer and established enough to have thousands of in-demand features that are ready to go. With a world-class Net Promoter Score® of 78, S3 Passenger has established itself in the field of customer success.

More than 95% coverage of your requirements, out of the box

S3 Passenger powers your digital transformation. In the requests for proposal (RFPs) we have responded to until now, S3 Passenger covers more than 95% of the listed requirements, right out of the box. The system can be up and running in six months, enabling you to manage your network services, cabin layout, inventory control, prices and conditions, revenue management, sales channel differentiation, ticket fulfilment, payment, after-sales, cancellations and rebooking, user management and much more. The remaining 5% of the listed requirements are covered by roadmap developments, bespoke development using S3 Passenger APIs and business process redesign by the user.

IZY (Thalys) project leader Frederic Miel said: “IZY had to be launched in a very short timeframe. We needed a sales and distribution system that we could rely on to be implemented within months. Sqills offered S3 Passenger and were able to implement the sales and distribution suite in time and proved to be a knowledgeable partner in this project.”

Constant product evolution through the Sqills User Story Marketplace
Sqills constantly innovates and evolves S3 Passenger, applying the latest technologies, and delivering hundreds of new features every year with a new release every three months. S3P innovates with sales, distribution, and revenue management strategies in mind.

The S3 Passenger customer community actively uses the User Story Marketplace to influence the product roadmap, thus playing an active role in the evolution of S3P. Sqills works Agile across multi-disciplinary DevOps teams to offer ongoing product development and meet and exceed the functional demand of operators.

Key takeaways

The key S3 Passenger benefits for operators include:

  • Configuration over customization, thousands of out-of-the-box features
  • Shorter and optimised time to market
  • A true customer-centric approach
  • Powerful end-user self-services
  • Customers influence the continuous product evolution
  • Lower costs for the implementation project, running phase and quarterly upgrades
  • Proven technology, reduced implementation risks
  • Fully automated and scalable SAAS solution (AWS platform)

Join our fast-growing community of industry-leading operators

Sqills manages business-critical applications for all our customers, including IZY (Thalys), OUIBUS and OUIGO (SNCF), Junior & Co (SNCF), Eurostar, and Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail).

Contact us to learn more about the powerful S3 Passenger inventory, reservation and ticketing system. We provide web-demos and are happy to introduce you to our customers to learn first hand about their experiences.

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