S3 Passenger – Modules for Rail and Public Transport - Railway Technology
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S3 Passenger – Modules for Rail and Public Transport

S3 Passenger – Modules for Rail and Public Transport

S3 passenger

S3 Passenger counts four core modules, two optional modules and five supporting modules. All of them are managed through a single GUI back-office environment, to make the best compromise between modular setup and deployment of the software and an easy to use functional environment.

The S3 modules include:

  • S3 Navigator: timetable management, service and route definition
  • S3 Fare: fare engine and market proposition management
  • S3 Inventory: material planning, seat allocation and inventory control business logic
  • S3 Ticket: transactional core of the S3 Passenger suite, including ticket distribution
  • S3 CRM: optional customer registration platform with light-weight CRM functionality
  • S3 Revenue Management: revenue management to optimise multi-segment passenger transport revenue
  • S3 Auth: responsible for administration tasks
  • S3 Config: holds and manages several technical and functional configuration aspects
  • S3 Communication: automated outgoing communication
  • S3 Payment: payment management with external systems
  • S3 Reporting: produces reporting-optimised materialised views of the relevant S3 data from all the S3 Passenger modules

Read more about our available modules and their features in the pdf download below.

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