S3 Passenger

S3 Passenger is a modular software suite for orientation, reservation and multi-channel ticket distribution. The system handles multi-segment and multi-stopover passenger transport services, with or without reservation including sales of additional on-board services and after-sales operations of previously created bookings.

Powerful multi-channel distribution


  • Unlimited sales channels connecting to one S3 Passenger platform instance
  • Unlimited multilingual options
  • Each sales-channel has a wide range of configurable options and authorisations
  • Transaction origin is captured within each booking
  • Front-end sales channels can be fully customised for each implementation



  • S3 Navigator; definition of network and routes, services and timetables
  • S3 Fare; definition of commercial offering with products, discounts and prices
  • S3 inventory; configuration of inventory and tracking of availability, seat allocation and material scheduling
  • S3 Ticket; booking and reservation capturing, transaction management, after-sales logic and ticket distribution
  • S3 CRM; customer account capturing, campaign-oriented customer segmentation and the incentive program foundation
  • S3 Revenue Management; integrated O&D based RM module using demand forecasting and price sensitivity analysis to optimise revenues from market demand

Unique features


  • Wide range of industry-specific functionality
  • Robust, scalable platform adjustable for required transaction volumes
  • Adjustable to chosen distribution strategy and business rules
  • Easy implementation, accessible via browser
  • Flexible license models
  • High level of integration, no remaining external dependencies
  • Cost-efficient solution for orientation, sales reservation, seat-allocation, inventory management, revenue management and ticket distribution

About S3 Passenger


S3 Passenger software covers the full booking cycle, from searching and availability of destinations up to online payment, digital ticket delivery and on board sales and ticket validation. Customer profiles are created to allow for self-service management of the booking(s), for instance, cancellation, upgrading, previous transactions and refunds.

S3 Passenger software can easily be linked to any payment service provider. Sqills can also support and advise you in all aspects of the online reservations domain.

Sqills has 11 years of working experience in the public transport domain. Our experts have extensive expertise in revenue management, GDS integration, e-commerce, online booking processes and payment processes.