The MA50C is a modular system for safe train control, with its mechanical design complying to the AAR S-590 standard (Association of American Railroads). The controller unit is the first member of a robust family in parallel to the existing menTCS Train Control System family, which is based on the same components and functionality.

The freely configurable and modular MA50C can be used for all kinds of critical train control functions, such as automatic train operation (ATO) and automatic train protection (ATP), which have to meet requirements up to safety level SIL 4.

The housing conforms to the AAR S-9401 standard and is protected against dust and water jets according to IP65/NEMA-4. All boards inside the system are embedded in a conduction cooling frame, eliminating the need for fans and therefore maintenance. In addition, it helps to protect the boards from dust and gives them particular mechanical stability.

Its design makes the control unit fit for use in regions with extreme environmental conditions or for applications that require the American AAR standard.

The MA50C is the first member of a new, AAR-compliant sub-family of the MEN Train Control System menTCS, whose components will be delivered exclusively in a project context. Functionally the MA50C is identical with the available standard MH50C.

The safe components of the menTCS will be delivered with different SIL 4 certification packages.