CompactPCI board F405 has been specially designed for use on railways and is a multi I/O board.

Thanks to the extended voltage range of -110 V to +110 V, the card can be used worldwide and in many different ways. In addition, the FPGA-based design ensures long-term availability for the application.

  • 16 digital outputs, high-side switching (load to ground)
  • Two analogue outputs, current and voltage
  • Two PWM outputs
  • Eight digital inputs
  • Two pulse counter inputs
  • Voltage range from -110V to +110V
  • -40°C to 85°C (qualified components)
  • Conformal coated
  • EN 50155 compliant

Compact, cost-saving and extremely versatile

The F405 is a space-saving marvel on a CompactPCI board. It provides sixteen digital, two analogue and two PWM outputs, as well as eight digital and two pulse counter inputs. For faultless data transmission, all channels are organised in six isolated groups.

All digital inputs can be operated in a voltage range from -110V to +110V. The pulse counter inputs can be used, for example, to connect a speed sensor, which implements the frequency and distance measurement as well as direction, standstill and motion detection as integrated functions in the FPGA.

The digital high-side switching outputs support voltage ranges from 24V to 110V. The analogue outputs provide the output value as voltage or current. With their programmable cycle and pulse lengths, the PWM outputs are suitable for motor performance control.

LEDs on the front panel display the current status of the respective interface.

The EN 50155-compliant F405 is a reliable and robust solution for all controls in the railway sector. It is equipped with all important safety-related measures for mobile environments such as voltage and temperature monitoring, a readback function of the digital outputs and coating against dust and moisture.

Due to the FPGA-based design and the use of proven hardware components, the board offers high long-term availability and reduces the risk management for the application.