Offering a total of five Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and two hot-plug-capable HDD/SSD shuttles, the BL50S is well suited for use as a compact content server or video recorder with RAID functionality.

Flexible storage capacity in a robust housing

Even though it has a height of only 6cm, the BL50S is able to accommodate two HDD/SSD shuttles. The two hard disks can be switched for fast transfer of audio and video data as RAID 0 or for more data safety inside a content server as RAID 1.

In addition to one DisplayPort, two USBs and flexible slots for RS232 or CAN bus, a total of five Gigabit Ethernet interfaces is available. While one interface is used as Gigabit Ethernet uplink, the other four work as a 4-port Ethernet switch with Power-over-Ethernet functionality. This way, the BL50S unites two devices in one and does not require any additional components.

Reliable, wireless communication via WLAN, GSM, UMTS, LTE, GPS or GLONASS can be provided via the PCI Express Mini Card slot in combination with two SIM card slots.

Based on the AMD T48N Embedded G-Series APU with 1.4 GHz, the robust box PC offers 2 GB DDR3 SDRAM as well as one SD card and one mSATA slot. The integrated wide range PSU with input voltages of 24 VDC and 36 VDC with a power consumption of 30 W is compliant to EN 50155 and prepared for e1 certification.

The robust BL50S is qualified for the extended temperature range of -40°C to +70°C (+85°C for 10 minutes), coated against dust and humidity and can do without high-maintenance fans due to its conduction-cooled aluminum housing.

Thanks to MEN’s flexible box PC concept, the I/O can be easily and cost-effectively adapted to the customer’s wishes independent of the processor board. In addition, any other APU from the AMD Embedded G-Series can be chosen, which offers enough room for precise adaptation to the target application.