The safe I/O card K7 provides eight digital outputs with low side switching and is the newest member of the menTCS family, the safe and modular train control system from MEN. Thanks to integrated supervision functions a single card can reach safety level SIL 2 and is certifiable up to SIL 4 by using the cards redundantly.

To extend the functionality of the modular menTCS Train Control System, the K7 now offers eight binary outputs with low side switching. The K7 supports a voltage range of 24V up to 110V and is optically isolated from other cards.

Due to its integrated supervision functions such as the onboard supervisor and Fail Safe over Ethernet (FSoE) features, the K7 reaches safety level SIL 2, as all other I/O cards of the menTCS family do. By using two redundant boards the complete system can be certified up to SIL 4 if needed.

To be prepared for all requirements in railway transportation from the beginning, the K7 operates in an extended temperature range, comes with conformal coating and complies with railway standard EN 50155.

The menTCS family consists of the MH50C controller unit together with the safe, SIL 4-certified F75P CPU board and up to six I/O cards. For more complex applications or if the places of operation are far away from each other the control unit can be extended by up to 63 remote I/O boxes.

The MH50C controller unit as well as the remote I/O boxes can be flexibly configured with the new I/O boards regarding their number and functionality.