MEN Mikro Elektronik sets a high value on reliable products and excellent development and production quality. Having obtained an above-average result in the IRIS reaudit, the company, which has been certified according to IRIS since 2009, was able to prove this again.

Travel first class with comprehensive quality management

In order to successfully acquire orders from the transportation market the IRIS certification is of great importance. The train manufacturers associated to the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) commit to only place orders with subcontractors which have been certified according to the IRIS standards.
IRIS certification is based on the requirements of ISO 9001 and includes additional railway-specific requirements. These are, for example:

  • technical safety policy regarding the product range
  • project management (time and cost management)
  • RAMS management (reliability, availability, maintainability, safety)
  • LCC: life cycle cost
  • obsolescence management
  • configuration management
  • first article inspection

Across all processes, the IRIS auditors attested a high or very high quality level, which led to a total result of 73% without deviations. Beside the usual core elements, the audit was also focused on the recent SIL 4 certification of MEN’s safe computers.

Computer boards and systems from MEN Mikro Elektronik are developed and produced for rugged and/or safety-critical applications in transportation, avionics, medical engineering and industrial automation.

In order to comply with the high and specific requirements of these markets, MEN has been the first German company to be certified to EN 9100 (avionics) as well as to IRIS. Only around ten companies worldwide have been certified to both standards. MEN is also certified to e1 (automotive), ISO 9001:2008 (quality management) and ISO 14001:2005 (ISO environmental management).