MEN presents the first product based on its innovative concept of modular and robust display and box computers. The maintenance-free, high-performance BC1 box computer achieves its excellent graphics performance through an AMD Embedded G-Series APU.

The BC1 box computer is especially suited for connecting two or more displays. AMD’s integrated Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) unites low power consumption and excellent graphics performance. The standard version of the new box computer is equipped with the T52R, which integrates the Radeon HD 6310 graphics processor and a 1.5GHz single-core x86 CPU.

Thanks to the modular concept of the box PC, the interfaces can be configured individually and can quickly be adapted to all requirements without additional overhead.

The two DisplayPorts of the standard version of the BC1 support a maximum resolution of 2560×1600 pixels each. DisplayPort 2 comes with USB functionality in place of the AUX channel. As an option, the first port can also be configured to support USB, for instance to allow touch functionality on the display.

The DisplayPorts and all other I/O on standard connectors such as USB, D-Sub and M12 are easily accessible at the box computer’s front.

This also goes for the antenna connections for two PCI Express Mini Card slots and the corresponding two SIM-card slots, which are located inside the conduction-cooled housing. Optionally, the first PCI Express Mini Card can switch between the two SIM cards and combine different services in a simple way.

The BC1 is equipped with a 9 to 36 V wide-range power supply unit which can safely bridge the power supply for a few milliseconds in the case of power failure. The extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C (+85°C) and the fanless aluminum housing are further arguments in favour of the BC1, which complies with EN 50155 and is prepared for e1 certification.

If less or more is needed in terms of graphics performance and power consumption, any other APU of the Embedded G Series can be selected, further emphasising the flexibility of BC1. Together with the robust and maintenance-free design, this makes the system the right choice for applications in mobile and safety-critical markets with high graphics demands.