MEN’s latest CompactPCI Serial peripheral board G214 offers excellent graphics performance thanks to the AMD Radeon E6760 GPU and is especially suited for multi-display applications. It is used in control rooms for (video) surveillance, in simulators, in professional audio/video equipment as well as in digital signage applications.

Thanks to AMD’s Eyefinity technology which is supported by the E6760 GPU on the G214, up to six different displays can be controlled independent from each other. By standard, the G214 is equipped with four DisplayPort 1.2 interfaces at the front which have a maximum resolution of 4096×2560 at 60Hz and a colour depth of 24 bpp. By choosing a wider front panel two additional DisplayPorts with a resolution of 2560×1600 can be accommodated.

The GPU offers 480 stream processors with a frequency of 600MHz – having a power dissipation of only 35W.

The OpenCL standard supported on the E6760 GPU makes it possible to increase the computing power using GPGPU (general purpose computation on graphics processing unit). As the GPU executes the programs with a high level of parallelity, speed is increased considerably.

A 3D graphics engine and Microsoft’s DirectX 11 make for an increased graphics performance. The AMD Unified Video Decoder functionality supports the H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats.

In a pure CompactPCI Serial system the CPU board can control by default and without bridging a maximum of seven multi-display boards which means 28 different displays. The single displays can be merged into one large picture or deliver differing contents.