The railway and mobile markets, with their wide range of different segments and requirements, are the focus markets of MEN Mikro Elektronik. In order to meet all requirements of the field of display applications, MEN now presents the SC21 – its first robust single-board computer for intelligent displays – as a complement to its existing complete display solutions.

Robust base for intelligent displays

The SC21 is a single-board computer for intelligent display solutions in mobile applications. It was developed for fanless and maintenance-free operation as an infotainment computer or in the driver’s cabin of trains, buses or trams.

The SBC is perfectly suited for controlling LVDS displays with a resolution of up to 1366×768 pixels. The compact dimensions of the assembly permit to use 10.4in or bigger displays for integration into a vehicle seat or for display and operation in construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles and other utility or special vehicles.

The Intel Atom XL processor Z520PT offers a frequency of up to 1.33GHz with a power dissipation of maximum 8w. This makes it possible to realise a complete display computer based on the SC21 for operating temperatures from -40 to +70°C (or +85°C for 10 minutes). 1GB DDR2 SDRAM and the possibility to connect an additional microSD card and/or SATA hard disk make the SC21’s memory configuration very flexible.

The standard I/O includes two USB ports, five binary inputs and two Fast Ethernet (via RJ45). The switch functionality of the ethernet switches enables a series connection of several displays. In addition, a temperature sensor monitors the display.

All interfaces except the LVDS signals and the brightness control are placed on a customisable I/O adapter PCB which is also equipped with a USB-driven 5-pin connector for realising the touch functionality.

A MiniPCI express card slot with a SIM card slot can be connected to an external antenna for offering wireless functions like WIFI, WIMAX, GSM/GPRS and UMTS.

Additional assembly options of the SC21 include different versions of the Intel Atom processor, a brightness sensor for controlling the display, serial interfaces via SA-Adapters, HD Audio via D-Sub connectors and LVDS for connecting a second display optionally showing the same or different content.

The single-board computer is equipped with a wide-range PSU with an input range of 8v to 36v. When used with an optional external PSU the SC21 meets the requirements of the railway standard EN 50155. All components are soldered against shock and vibration and coated for protection against humidity. The minimum availability of this board is five years.