The PMC P506 is equipped with four galvanically isolated CAN bus interfaces, which support data transfer rates of up to 1Mbit/s according to ISO 11898-1/2. The channels support CAN protocol 2.0A/B, standard data frames, extended data frames and remote frames under CAN Layer 2 and CANopen Master/Slave.

The CAN bus functionality is realised in the onboard FPGA. This can also be used to implement additional IP cores; for Ethernet or UART channels, for example. Optionally, it is possible to equip the PMC with its own intelligence via a NIOS softcore. This makes the P506 very flexible and adaptable to the user’s requirements. The PMC module is a member of the Universal-SubModule (USM) family. While the FPGA is located on the main PMC, the line drivers are realised on the USM, a submodule.

Thanks to a minimum availability of ten years and its design for harsh environments, the P506 is especially suited for applications in transportation, avionics or medical engineering, as well as critical industrial control equipment.