MEN’s MM1 is the first ultra-small-computer-on-module of the new ESMini™ family. Based on Intel Atom processor in 45nm technology, the COM module offers huge advantages: Processor frequencies of up to 1.6GHz are combined with a power consumption of only 5W to 7W, extended temperature range, extremely space-saving design and seven years’ minimum availability with an advantageous price/performance ratio.

The chief attraction of the MM1 is that the electronics is completely enclose, which means that it is thermically coupled to the system via conductive cooling as well as 100% EMC-protected. Combined with an application-specific carrier board, the small module with dimensions of only 95mm x 55mm is the perfect solution for industrial, harsh, mobile and safety-critical applications.

The COM module offers a multitude of I/O. Beside serial I/O – like for example PCI Express, LVDS and SDVO for graphics, high-definition audio, Ethernet, SATA and USB – the MM1 also supports legacy I/O like CAN bus and COM interfaces as well as up to 120GPIOs. The interfaces are accessible via a customer-specific carrier board.

The DDR2 SDRAM with a size of up to 1GB is soldered against shock and vibration. The MM1 also supports other storage devices, for example USB flash, on the carrier card.

The real-time clock and a board management controller with watchdog complete the functionality of the MM1. For testing of all functions of the MM1 and for developing the application, the XC4 evaluation carrier-board in microATX format can be used.

About ESMini

An ESMini module has dimensions of only 95mm x 55mm. It is screened and released for operation temperatures of -40°C to +85°C – with conduction or convection cooling. By standard, the module is embedded in a covered frame which ensures complete EMC protection and allows efficient conductive cooling. Air cooling is also possible by applying a heat sink on top of the cover. Where operation temperatures are moderate and using the low-power version of the module it may even be operated without the frame and cover.

ESMini modules are firmly screwed to a carrier board and come with rugged industry-proven connectors supporting high frequency and differential signals. As standard, only soldered components are used to withstand shock and vibration, and the design is optimized for conformal coating.